Due to funding regulations, the service may not function as a regular paid option until Nov 2023. Therefore, all work will be done for free for academics until then except for Consultation and Additional Services.

You may decide to donate to the Institute if you like the quality of work. The amount is entirely up to you and we will be happy to use it for improvements in our service.

All services are active. Due to priority on our own work, please consult first using the Contact page before ordering a service.

All work is initiated, supervised and coordinated by Dr. Swietnicki. Prior approval is required due to the sensitivity of the work.

Prices include VAT (23%) and an overhead (25-30%) for outside orders. For internal orders, VAT and overhead are removed. Payment is due AFTER delivery of services.

1 USD ≈ 3.8 zloty (zl)


Intellectual services given to clients. Service is open to anybody. Price is 200 PLN netto per hour of consultation. Money is not donated to charities from this activity.

200.00 PLN

Simple services

  1. Systems biology analysis for novel drug/vaccine design
  2. HTVS of supplied targets for small molecule blockers
  3. Operon assembly for novel synthetic biology constructs

Advanced services

This part is available only as a part of a collaboration

1. Advanced drug design

2. Advanced vaccine design

3. Advanced protein engineering for novel drugs/therapeutics/targets

Due to sensitivity of the work, prior approval is required. Select Agents work is possible only in silico or on substitutes AFTER prior approval.

Additional services

  1. Polish-English and English-Polish translation

Price per page (A4) – 50 PLN + VAT


Translation of specialized texts. Prior approval is required due to the specialized language. Free estimate.

50.00 PLN