Bad science for money




Poor quality or bad science is becoming more visible. If you think it is an isolated case, you are dead wrong. There is one company, at least, which prides itself on paying money for inclusion of their work in your citation. There is a message from a sucker from such an enterprise:

Dear XXX,

How are you?

My name is Zhang, I am from China. I am a businessman, my business is about Citing for Money.

Please let me introduce the nature of this business:

As you know, the IF(Impact Factor)of a journal is very important, if a journal has a high Impact Factor, the journal will be very significant and famous. So many journals published in English ask my company to improve their Impact Factors. And the only way to improve the Impact Factors is to cite papers from the journals.

So now I invite you to cooperate into this business, the cooperation method is as follows:

1.The price is : 50 USD for each citation, that is, if you cite 1 paper in one of your papers, you will get 50USD, and if you cite 8 papers in one of your papers, you will get 400 USD;

2.Payment method: 

      A, Chinese bank account(I will send RMB to your Chinese bank account according to the latest exchange rate); 

      B, Western union company(the banks in your city can do western union payment, you can call the banks to ask); 

      C, if you are from Iran, considering Iran sanction, now there is an Iranian in my team, he can send money to your Iran bank account in Rials according to the latest exchange rate;

      D, alipay account; 

      E, wechat;

      if you want to know the details, please reply this email to

3.You reply this email to  so I will know that you would like to cooperate with my company;

4.I will send the citation regulation and journal list to you, many journals in different research fields ask my company to improve their Impact Factors, you will find some journals that are relevant to your research;

5.You will cite some papers from the journals in your paper, before you cite them, you should tell me which papers you are going to cite;

6.As soon as the paper is accepted, you should tell me the information of the accepted paper, and I will make budgeting for you;

7.As soon as the paper is published onine, you should tell me and send the paper link to me, and I will send money to you;

8.In fact, now there are many professors in different countries cooperating with my company, they cite papers from the journals, and I send money to them. Please reply this email to   I will send the “money payment list” to you, so you will see that I have really sent much money to professors in different countries.
If you would like to cooperate with my company in citing for money, please reply this email to  and we will talk about the details.

Thank you very much!
Yours sincerely,

Looking forward to your feedback.


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